The professional subscription is for those businesses that manage AML/CFT compliance obligations across multiple branches and want a simple solution for managing money laundering risks.  With the Pro subscription you can single handedly manage risk assessments for separate business divisions or businesses within a corporate group. Updates are very quick to administer, saving significant time. If your business is searching for efficient solutions to meet AML/CFT compliance for multiple reporting entities, this is the perfect choice. 

money laundering risk assessment


If your business is a corporate group, you can easily manage money laundering risks for all entities. This is an enterprise wide AML risk management system.


You can use the drill down filters for a view of risk status at group level or across individual entities. Print to PDF and distribute at Board or senior management meetings.


Identify your higher risk clients and manage their profiles from the client risk register. Fully tailored to the business requirements to meet regulatory obligations.

Track Activity

We make ongoing due diligence for transaction and account activity easy to maintain . This is an area where most businesses fail audits. We give you the tools to succeed.

Easy Reporting

Your dashboard includes drill down filters so that you can quickly interpret the money laundering risks. Print heat maps to PDF for individual clients or across your entire client base.

Case Manage

If your business risk assessment, client profile or account activity requires an action or task, use the case management feature to monitor, track and report.

Risk Status

Using the filters your business can receive a snap-shot visual display of risk position across any time duration. The filters provide drill-down capability to see risk data behind profiles.



You can update profiles easily for reviews and audits. From the register you can use the case management feature to highlight priority cases.

AML Business Risk Assessment
aml risks

Instant Updates

You can update assessments at any time. Former data is retained making updates very quick. Eliminate duplication of actions. Streamline work processes.

Client Risk Profiling

Easily manage client profiles and updates. There is no limitation on the type of data to include in profiling. Embed into client application process.

aml business assessment

Case Management

Easily identify clients with higher risk profiles. Set monitoring frequency.

Ongoing Monitoring

If your business is low to medium risk, there is no need to over complicate processes.  With AML360 we give you the option to keep things simple – yet effective and meeting regulatory expectation.

Customer Due Diligence