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AML/CFT Digital Business Risk Assessment

Money Laundering Risk Assessment

When a business relies on manual processes for conducting a money laundering risk assessment, the human resourcing element increases compliance costsAML360 has resolved these issues with a 30 minute, online, AML risk assessment.  Through application of regulatory technology, our digital solution embeds professional advisory services into the software, eliminating consulting fees and further reducing costs. The AML risk assessment is available for all countries, across all industries, to meet regulatory compliance. Simply login, select data from screen options, then click calculate. 

AML Risk Assessment
AML Risk Assessment

Comprehensive AML Risk Report

The AML report incorporates findings in the key areas of (a) nature, size and complexity of a business, (b) products and services, (c) customers, (d) method of delivery and (e) geography.  An overall AML business risk rating is provided, as well as ratings across each primary risk division, including explanations to the findings. Your business can update the AML risk assessment at anytime throughout the subscription period, at no additional fee. The AML360 money laundering risk assessment meets international standards of the risk based approach as set by the Financial Action Task Force

Free AML Risk Assessment E-book

Risk Solution

Your business needs to develop and maintain an AML business risk assessment based on quantifiable standards. This includes describing, classifying, scoring, and identifying drivers and trends. AML360's tool delivers all this and more.

Be Informed

AML360 is an industry best practice software that incorporates proven processes for helping businesses meet regulatory expectation of carrying out an AML risk assessment. Get compliant now.

Easily Scale

If your business operates with multiple branches, you can evaluate risk at the single branch level or at the corporate group level. We make it easy to evaluate, monitor and track risks, regardless of size or complexity.


Your AML360 money laundering risk assessment measures and reports on the key regulatory requirements of (a) nature, size and complexity, (b) clients and institutions, (c) products and services, (d) method of delivery and (e) geography.

All Industries

The online AML risk assessment report is available for all industries who are subject to anti-money laundering laws, regardless of product types or jurisdiction. Your risk report is fully tailored to your business.

Guidance Notes

You will receive guidance notes and a comprehensive guidance manual on money laundering risks. This ensures you have requisite knowledge to explain your AML risk report to your AML auditor and AML supervisor.


Program prompts are included in your money laundering risk report. The report provides your business with tips on what types of policies, and controls you should consider when developing your AML program.

Heat Maps

Your money laundering risk assessment includes an aggregate score and heat map, as well as heat maps for each key risk driver. This means you get to instantly identify hot spots without having to interpret bulk data.


Your money laundering risk assessment is easy to complete. Simply login, enter the email for the report to be sent, then proceed through and select relevant data from dropdown lists. Click 'Calculate' - Done!


Get rid of manual processes that consume too much time. Apply the risk based approach and eliminate consulting fees.


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