With the premium subscription you receive the AML business risk assessment, client profiling, transaction monitoring, the ability to add users, PLUS a proforma AML/CFT program.  You can tailor to your preferred client profiling criteria, then set to automation.  The comprehensive program development manual guides you each step of the way.

NZ AML compliance


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews and iterative approaches.


Insert your logo and use the encryption feature to embed your online Programme to your in-house systems.


If your staff are regularly out of the office they can access the programme direct to their mobile device.


Easily manage action points and allocate staff.  Manage from a single register. Track ad Report.


Your guidance manual includes advice on best practice for AML business risk assessments.

Inhouse Data

Staff can raise questions direct with the AML Compliance Officer without the need to send an email

Heat Maps

Heat maps provide instant notification of higher risk areas. Meet mandatory legislative requirements.



AML Risk Profiling

Snap Shot Profile

Use charts for overall risk status. Drill down for further detail. Monitor higher risk activity from client register.


Client Analysis

Set tasks and the priority level, assign responsible persons and allocate a deadline date. Track and report through to completion.



AML Risk assessment

Profile Report

Client profile reports can be fully tailored to business requirements of complex or simple. 


Transaction Monitoring

View entire account activity of clients or set filters to show only higher risk transactions. 40+ rules to choose from. Select your preferred rules, embed to policy then automate day-to-day practice.



AML Transaction monitoring
AML Software Risk Assssments

Case Management

Every transaction results in an automated file note. All relevant transaction data is provided, making determinations easier. If the transaction requires escalation, push to the Monitored register.


Transaction Charts

Client account activity that poses risk can be easily identified through visually attractive charts. All transaction data can be viewed in a simple snap shot display.



AML Software Risk Assessment

Summary Tables

Summary tables will display information across any time period. The tables can be used to display data across the entire client base or for an individual client.


Instant Updates

Updating risk profiles can be automated and remain available 24/7 from the register. There is also a batch upload option for bulk profiling.



AML business risk assessment
AML Business Risk assessment

Risk Maps

Risk maps allow instant determination of higher risk areas. Filters allow drilling down to define causation.


Geography Analysis

Apply country risk analysis to the place of residence of clients and jurisdictions from where transactions originate or are destined to.



AML Country Risks
AML Risks

Digital Compliance

Operate a fully digital, end-to-end AML/CFT compliance framework. Get rid of paper and manual processes. Move to automated systems. Reduce human resourcing costs and improve operational efficiency.


Data at Finger Tips

Any type of account activity can be monitored. Unlimited options for Products and Services.



AML Products
AML Software Risk Assessment

360 Monitoring

Make decision making streamlined through fully informed automated processes.


PDF Reporting

Business risk assessments include a comprehensive guidance manual to ensure your business meets requirements of being adequately informed of risk status.



AML business risk assessment